Hi there,
I would like to introduce myself

Name : Alton
Born : 1990's
education : Bachelor degree Students from LSPR Major of Broadcasting
Title : S.Ikom

This Photo taken by my friends yuditasril (great photographer huh?)
you may check other picture in

Starting my life born From a super parents 
Nursunarto (Father) and 
Fadina (Mother)
A hybrid type of Person, Chinese and Arabian I Am.

Old time Picture

Left to Right: Donny (little Brother he turns more handsome lately), Me

what are you looking at ?

when days to days passed by, growing with quality of friends

 I meet Them

1.School Friends
(Donbosco Pondok indah 2006-2008)
picture shown taken from Jakarta selatan School Free magazine, Graduation edition
mind the bottom right blurry picture ITS our High school Headmaster ! Mr.Anton

Graduation !!

2. Family of Megaxus
(Megaxus Olimpiade 2010 #MegaxusFamily)

it is such a great moment, a great working atmosphere i spent along my life journey.
so i decided, to put my life and dedication, aiming for work in future on local gaming industry.

3. LSPR (London School of Public Relation) Jakarta
Everything happened here A LOT Here :

News Writer
Radio Announcer
News Anchor
Moto bike Racer
Party event Maker
Fun maker atmosphere

(ill be back for more picture) sorry for the inconvenience

well yes after LSPR Graduation
looking for jobs are quite Hard, but I am fulfilling my passion to work in gaming Industries, and 
here I am, Local game Publisher Company

Gamers @Little Akihabara Medan

yes, Great opportunity shot with Raffi ahmad on Grand Launching Ayodance Mobile

Duet MC @ Enichisai Japan culture Festival. (man on the right with mic :Tepen Uma)

My lifestories contiued ~


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