Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Apple Offers Free Photo Editing Lessons By Phone

Apple Offers Free Photo Editing Lessons By Phone


Free photo editing?
Apple wants to give you one.

The company offers a 30-minute one-on-one training session by telephone on how to edit photos using Apple's Photos software.

Through "guided telephone sessions" with Photo experts, "You will learn how to make all your photos phenomenal with powerful intuitive editing tools from this application," Apple said. "Our specially trained Apple Support Advisors are experts in using photos to change images from good to extraordinary - and they want to show the way.

In addition to photos, Apple Photos provides a set of built-in editing tools to enhance your photos. There is a simple one-click increase and features to adjust your edits.

 You connect with one of the Apple Photo experts, they will talk to you and adjust the session to your personal skill level.

"Your session guide will cover all editing tools offered by Photos - from one-click improvements to the Auto Enhancement tool, to detailed light and color adjustments," Apple said. "We will even help you edit Live Photos and pictures taken in Portrait mode. You will also learn how to trim and filter photos, and restore adjustments if you want to restart. "

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