Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Profile mcaltonz

Hi there,
I would like to introduce my self

Name: Alton
Born: 1990's
Education: Bachelor degree Students from LSPR Major of Mass Communication / Broadcasting
Title: S.Ikom

This Photo was taken by my friends yuditasril (great photographer huh?)
you may check other picture in instagram.com/yuditasril/

Starting my life born From a super parents 
and so,

my life stories started.
  • I started to remember things

Old time Picture

can't even remember my face in the mirror in this state

  • when days to days passed by, growing with the quality of friends

 I meet them

1.School Friends

(Donbosco Pondok Indah 2006-2008)
the picture showed taken from Jakarta Selatan School Free magazine, Graduation edition
mind the bottom right blurry picture it's our High school Headmaster! Mr.Anton

Graduation !!

2. Family of Megaxus

(Megaxus Olimpiade 2010 #MegaxusFamily)

me Working as Volunteer on Megaxus Olimpiade 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
This is the biggest gaming event Tournament from the whole user in indonesia meet in this event.
it is such a great moment, a great working atmosphere I spent along my life journey.
so I decided, to put my life and dedication, aiming for work in future on the local gaming industry.


Everything happened here A LOT! what i do most Are:
Yes sure I can sing, Check it out via Soundcloud link down here
Soundcloud redirect :
1. Maroon 5 Payphone Cover Alton
2. Katy Perry The one that got away Covering Alton

(Credits For Music Director & Composer by Jeffrey Susanto)

Actor and Talent television commercial
If you re curious check my tvc experience

1. U mild Ini baru Cowok
    (sec 19" and 25")
2. Extrajoss Barongsai with alm. Uje
    (sec 2" and 15")
Credits / Courtesy of youtube



koko Cici Jakarta 2009

Guess where i am?

MCing along Jakarta City Night Club

Being An MC in a Night Club seems very Fun to me, I got many friends here, many Club, and relation
i am also creating a night Club EO at year 2011 with my friends Please Check Here

Cleonix on facebook



<3 mom <3

Well yes after LSPR Graduation
Here I am, @ Local game Publisher Industry :) 2014 - 2018

Gamers @Little Akihabara Medan
(yes it's Him, Great opportunity shot with Raffi Ahmad on Grand Launching Ayodance Mobile)

Duet MC @ Enichisai Japan culture Festival. (man on the right with mic: Tepen Uma)

And so, My life continues.
please Stay tuned for www.lifestories.mcaltonz.com for another story

Check out my another post id be loved to share anything

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